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Before one can make all the right choices in regards to training, diet, recovery and supplements, one must at least have a basic understanding of the process required to build new muscle mass, and how to create the most optimal and efficient environment to do so.

Get ready to reach your objectives, with the Maximum Muscle Bible!


“ I am sure you will learn a ton from Paul and Christian’s work, and it will inspire you to also become a better coach, athlete, or simply a better you! I fully support these two and their efforts to give back to the community! ”

Preface by John Meadows

About Christian Thibaudeau

Coach Thib has worked with athletes from close to 30 different sports and is one of the only (if not the only) coach to have trained athletes that competed at the Crossfit Games, Olympic Games and the M. Olympia (not to mention several pro leagues). As such he is well versed not only on how to increase muscle mass and strength but also to do so in a way that will be transferable to athletic performance. He is a sought after speaker, giving up to 20+ seminars in a year; wrote four books prior to this one as well as published two training DVDs covering various training methods. A passionate person about everything related to training, his own training combines bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman and Olympic lifting to build a body that performs as well as it looks. Known as a great teacher and for making complex ideas easy to understand he participated to this book to help you learn methods that you can apply to your own training right now to spark new growth.

About Paul Carter

Coach Carter has spent almost 30 years of his life devoted to developing training and nutritional strategies that he has used to coach a myriad of athletes, and help them find success. He has traveled across the world to speak and teach others how to use these methods in order to become stronger, bigger, and leaner. He has competed successfully in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, and has an athletic background in football, baseball, and martial arts. Coach Carter has written a number of books which have covered training for strength, mass, and even philosophical ideologies. Known as a « no BS » guy, Paul is sought after for his straight forwards approach that combines both real world results that combine with scientific modalities.